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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Potato problems leek lagging and more

It Seems appropriate that on strike day I should discover what appears to be black leg on 3 bags of my spuds I was watering the bags when I discovered 3 bags in the middle of the rows which had a problem which was obviously was terminal i quickly removed them just in case it spread. The Three bags were all Celine and have now been burned the rest seem to be unaffected.
I also lifted the rest of my Garlic which is now drying I need 3 for Harrogate they are a decent size so I may be in with a chance if i can match 3 
I have also been experimenting with coloured caulis for harrogate as there is a class for 2 other than white I have been sowing 6 per week for the last 3 months the first of which has produced a decent cauli this week 
the variety Purple Graffiti 
The Pipe lagging arrived today I may have been a bit optimistic on the size when ordering as it is bigger than I imagined,if the Leeks fill this they will be bigger than Smithyveg roll on Harrogate.I have cut them in to 20" lengths which will give me a longer blanch. 

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  1. How do you prepare and stage garlic for exhibition?