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Monday, 20 June 2011

Predators Leeks Carrots Parsnips

I have ordered the Amblyseius predators 25 sachets in total which should keep my Leeks and Onions thrip free
it cost 20 quid so I hope its worth it they are supposed to eat thrips and young spider mite lets hope they are hungry!!! I obtained them from the only thing that worries me is that they are from down south and may not be tough enough for our northern pests.

I have now replaced the collars with 45mm ones as the leeks were forcing the 35mm collars apart and the light was getting in resulting in a Green stripe down the barrel I will now have to order a larger in readiness for the next change which will not be long at this rate.
Strange thing happening with my ripening Shallots,some have got an odd root growing back up the bulb under the skin I spoke to smithy who in turn spoke to Dave Thornton, neither of them have experienced this but Dave did come up with a scientific answer with some big words in it still not convinced though.

I have not shown my drums for a while so here are some photos Long Carrots Long Beet and Parsnips all seem to be growing well but you can never tell till you pull them at showtime.


  1. I too have quite a few shallots with the roots seeming to be growing upwards between the layers of skin on the bulb. It means we will have to take quite a few skins off before showing them.

  2. Wmff I don't have many but as you say it reduces the size when you strip them.Fellow grower Chris pointed out the problem he has quite a few that have done this not sure why thanks for your comment