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Friday, 10 June 2011

Setting up for a red card

I spent today lifting all my overwinter Onions most of the tops had fallen over and the skins were splitting
I planted 3 types of Onions in the bed in October which  were Radar Autumn championn and Shenshu
all have grown well I lost a few which went to seed and some that caught Botrytis the remainder have turned out well there is however a distinct difference in shape as you can see from the photo
Left to right
Radar Autumn champion Shenshu
I have now got about 50 to choose from all are now washed and have been placed on some towels in the attic room out of the way how long this will be allowed to go on is under review as apparently the house smells strongly of Onions.


  1. If you can get a Jap onion to store until Sept then I'll take my hat off to you.
    Mind you given that your middle name seems to be "Midas" this year I won't be surprised......
    P.S It's easier to get a passport in the name of Osama than to post a comment on here ? .....what's the crack like ?

  2. Dan i've been time travelling again this time back to October 5th 2010 and in the GN. page 28.In Medwyns article on the Newent Onion Fayre it states that Chris Comer carded with Radar onions overwintered and lifted the second week in June.This article made me decide to try it, and also I have some Sturton spring planted Onions as a backup. I also have 50 Kelsae onions outside as a backup for the ones in the tunnel should they be to early.
    re commenting I had similar problems till I switched to Google Chrome for blogging I now have no problems must dash got a spelling lesson booked