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Saturday, 4 June 2011

First Onion Lifted

I have just harvested my first Onion from overwinter setts  at 3.5", as the top had fallen over the others are not far behind so I should get a set of nice ones. Before you ask Richard Autumn Champion planted in October. Once harvested I stripped off the outer skin to leave an unmarked complete skin the top was cut down to about 3" and then it was carefully washed in soapy water
 it now resides on the windowsill in the Lounge until I match it with some more. it will then no doubt be relegated to another less prominent position upon Mrs B's orders. (You Can Get Them Shifted From There)

Peppers are doing well with fruits forming already 


  1. They look ok mate
    I have also just pulled 5 of my Onion which we sets
    I have pulled them at 10" round which is supposed to be a rough guide for 8oz
    They look very similar in condition to yours which makes me feel better

  2. Senile of Canterbury4 June 2011 at 14:02

    What variety and when were they planted?

  3. Blicky don't use me as a guide I am in the same boat as you a novice
    Richard F**K Off senile old southern Tw*t

  4. Looks good Paul, I'll have to check some of mine as one or two are falling over now.