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Friday, 3 June 2011

Peas Out

I rigged up my Pea supports this week, they may seem a bit excessive using 4"x4" posts but you use what you have lying around and at least they won't blow down I strung some wire between them and placed 8 foot canes at 12" spacings these are atached to the wire with cable ties. The first of the Show perfection Pea plants are now planted out, and more are sown to give me a constant supply of peas for the shows, I intend to grow around 50 plants with staggered sowings and plantings.

I also got another 10 Celery planted out making 15 in total. I still have another 10 to go out in a couple of weeks giving me an even spread for my intended shows. The photo shows the 2 different sowings size wise they are all in 10" deep 6" diameter pipes which will be replaced in a couple of weeks with some blanching material. At the moment the object is just to lengthen them and protect them from wind damage.

The splitting Onion drama seems to have settled down with no more damage and another 2" growth in diameter this week it now tapes at 19" diameter.
Jersey (Slawit Royals) are now ready for harvest I had a root around in one of the bags and found this beauty
it tasted amazing I will empty a full bag next week.the photo is of it cooked just before adding butter and eating.
I have not reported on the quality Onions for a while so here they are.I am pleased with the progress and should be harvesting some nice ones in a few weeks time.


  1. The onions are looking good Paul, should have some good ones for your shows.

  2. Yea onions comig on very nicely, oh for a tunnel! Or even just a really sheltered area after the winds of May,

  3. Bloody hell! What a difference the 2 weeks since my visit have made to those onions! I knew having a wee on them was cool!

  4. Cheers for the comments Guys the weather this week has really pushed them on you can nearly see them growing at the moment I intend to try and lift them early to get a better colour
    as for the Piss you are obviously full of it