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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Carrot and Celery concerns plus update

 I noticed the other day that some of the outer leaves on the long Carrots in the drums were going yellow so I took an executive decision to pull one to see if there were any underlying problems, fortunately there seems to be nothing obvious the root was a nice shape and unmarked. I have another 20 to go at so should be able to stage some good ones at Harrogate.

On the Celery front I have now managed to collar the front row with 18" material and the next 2 rows with 14" leaving 2 rows with 10" which will give me a good spread for the shows.the blanch is already much better than last years attempt, the only problem seems to be some brown bits on the leaves which I think is Celery Leaf Miner I am removing these as I spot them as it is not too bad at the moment I also received a tube filled with Sizalkraft vapour barrier from a fellow blogger Neil White check out his blog the material is perfect for the job as it is a stiff brown paper with foil bonded to one side.I have asked Neil where it can be obtained and will pot the answer in due course.Thanks again Neil

I had my first proper harvest on Sunday for a family meal there were enough things ready to cook the full meal all I had to but was some Meat.
My Leeks have now started to force the 45mm lagging apart so I will have to order some larger yet again,I will probably go for 54mm as opposed to the next size up which is 48mm and hope that they fill it before the shows.I have found that is the cheapest and has the best range of sizes.

Vento Onions are very slow to bulb up I am probably 2 weeks behind last year 
The New potato experiment worked a treat with all these from one bag
The head gardener popped in this weekend to check out the Strawberries as you can see they passed the taste test.

Finally some photos of the flowers in the garden,not really my thing as you can't eat them but nice to look at all the same.

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