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Monday, 6 June 2011

An uplifting Day

Today was D Day all my Shallots have been lifted this evening as I could not leave it any longer due to discovering a couple having started secondary growth.I am very pleased with the size of my largest 30
which range  from 45mm-50mm Diameter,the condition is also excellent they are now all in trays or on wire mesh drying out these are all sloping slightly with the bulbs at the lower end,this means that as the leaves dry out the sap will run back in to the bulb making it swell and change in shape making them symmetrical the flat side where it touched its Brother and Sister should disappear according to Smithy this is how it should be done.

After finding a nice sized Slawit Royal Potato when checking the bags I emptied one tonight there were quite a few nice sized spuds and lots of little ones so I will give the rest a few more weeks before harvesting.What I did find interesting is that the tubers grow just under the surface even though the bags were topped up a couple of times.


  1. Shallots look good. Certainly a nice, even growing strain. I'm assuming yours are from the same source as mine. They're certainly look about the same in terms of size, shape and top growth.

  2. Yes Richard the largest ones were from Mr. Smith
    but the others from elsewhere performed well and will be good stock for next year.