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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Full of Beans

I had another productive morning yesterday the first batch of Broad Beans are now planted out and staked
 (40 in total) they should settle in nicely once this wind drops. I have another 40+ plants which will go in next week when I decide on a location.

I have also planted out my first batch of 12 Enorma Runners for my first show on the 13th of August hopefully  I have got the timing right .

I also have some prince and Ferrari dwarf bean plants ready to be planted out.

The last of the spuds have now been earthed up 
Below is a step by step guide to the method I find works best
First I empty the compost in to a large container,then I add the nutrients.In this case as I am only earthing up I add some Tev 4 (vitax q4) I then mix it up well getting rid of all the lumps.The brown pot in the photo is then filled with the mix.
Then after unrolling the bag to its full size I carefully hold the foliage to one side then add half the pot of compost then I move the foliage to the other side and repeat the process

Job Done 100 bags in total

I planted12 caulis in the tunnel after learning at the Talk in Derby  by John Branham that he had tried it with good results so why not give it a try.
The over winter Onions are now 3.5" diameter I will harvest at 4" in a couple of weeks giving them loads of time to ripen.
Shallots are also getting very near harvesting as I don't want to push my luck by leaving it too long and them starting secondary growth the largest now measure 43mm I will lift at 46mm and they should swell to 50mm when ripening which I will be more than happy with.
Stumps are coming on nicely 


  1. Have you seen tomorrow night's weather forecast ?
    Down to 2c !! here.
    And that's in urban areas....
    I'm Fecked !!
    Just hoping the BBC Forecast is as utterly shite asusual.

  2. Dan don't know where you found that forecast all the ones iv'e looked at are fine. Have you been at the Moonshine again?

  3. All looking great, 100 bags of spuds! I faded at just under 30, plus a load direct in the bed at the shared plot, which is still way more than I've ever grown before. I grew Ferrari last year and they were pretty good. Good luck with the show runners, I've just planted mine out for mid-August so fingers crossed!

  4. Cheers Dammo I did well with runners at local level last year and have been constructing a new bean and pea growing structure I will post later in the week

  5. Paul
    What variety are your over wintered onions?

  6. Ontheplot
    3 varieties Radar, Autumn Champion & Senshyu Yellow. all seem to be performing equally well planted on 1st October last year
    hope this helps

  7. Thats great Paul, thanks for that. I have a couple of early shows (30th July & 3rd Aug) that I struggle to get onions for the set class so maybe give Radar and Autumn champion a go.