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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Giving support

Today I had a closer look at my Vento Onions which have been left to their own devices I realised they were in need of some serious tidying and sorting. I set about removing all the small supports and replacing them with some new larger ones which has now straightened them up.I must say that they look a dam sight better for an hours attention.


I also had 15 drums given today and he even lent me his pickup to move them I now need to decide what to use them for.

My Giant Pumpkin plant has been planted out today I would have waited longer but it was getting too big to handle it is in an adjoining plot which the owner has kindly given me the use of  thank's John
I have covered it with some mesh for the time being
The saga of alliums going to seed continues.Several of my spring planted Onions have gone to seed and also one of my Shallots I have planted this plant in a tub and intend to save the seed.I am not sure what the results will be but it is worth a try.

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