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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Progress and future Recipes

I have finally got round to putting the Paellia recipe on the blog as I am down in Derbyshire with not much to do. I have had a request from Dave Thornton via Smithyveg for the recipe  of his favourite French classic dish of E'scargots with Parsnip crisps. this will follow shortly.I believe he is not short of Snails but maybe a bit short of Parsnips.
I managed to escape yesterday evening back to Yorkshire for our D.A.meeting in Leeds with Trevor last giving a talk on Celery which was very interesting more to follow as I follow his method. He also covered Cuecumbers but I had to leave early and missed the second half .

Progress on the plot is very pleasing with shallots now measuring 38mm and growing well after the recent rain and a feed of high Potash soluble fertiliser

The Giant Onion now tapes at 14" round

most of my Spuds are now through and will need earthing up this weekend

the rain has also given the Brassicas a boost and they are motoring along nicely.


  1. DT told me to 'F' off then I've not heard a peep out of him since! Most disappointing for a National Officer! LOL

  2. can NOT pierce the skins that should be!

  3. Being serious for a moment....Watch those stones around your shallots!!! Create a 'dish' in the soil around the clump so they can swell out in all directions and clear the stones well away so they can pierce the skins.

  4. Don't forget to bring that recipe for humble pie with you to Harrogate!

  5. Simon I will bring you the recipe so you can make some to eat at home after Harrogate
    cheers for the tip on the Shallots the ones I got from you are doing the best
    re Dave I agree with you poor show!!!!

  6. Everything is looking exceptionally well Paul
    You must be very pleased