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Thursday, 26 May 2011


First setback of the year my largest Giant Onion has decided to split on me. I am not sure why as I have been very careful about watering.At the moment it is only the first 2 layers that have split so I am hoping that if I stop watering altogether it may stop,I have emailed Peter Glazebrook for some advice and he also said do not feed or water so fingers crossed as it now tapes at over 16", I do have another 3 but they are quite a way behind.I would rather loose the Giants than the Quality Onions as it was just an attempt at  growing one over 10lb and there is always next year.

On a lighter note I have some lovely Broad Bean Plants which will go out tomorrow hopefully.
 Also my first sowing of Enorma are due to go outside one of them appears to be a throwback healthy plant but strange colour.


  1. Shame it's split, hopefully you can still salvage a whopper!

  2. Just checked again and no more splits fingers crossed

  3. At least it doesn't appear to have 2 growing points, so you may be lucky.

  4. shame its split good luck with the rest you need them for harrogate to beat them foreigners

  5. Richard I am hoping to get away with it.
    Dan we should be able to beat the foreigners all being well. I hear he has invented the worlds biggest box kite and tried flying it in his garden the other day, it took out a load of Carrots shame.