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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Recipe and method Paella

Finally got round to typing up the recipe for my magnificent Paella
First warm the pan with a good amount of olive oil
Then add chicken pieces I like to use thigh as it holds together better than breast,at the same time add 2 Onions roughly chopped plus 4 cloves of Garlic crushed  and fry for about 5 Min's till coloured.
Then add 1 chopped red Pepper and chopped Squid

And some strips of white fish I use Haddock

Next add some frozen Peas and 2 tablespoons of Paprika 
Then it is time for the rice I use a Spanish rice called Brilliante,unfortunately it is not available in the UK which means I have to bring some back when ever I go to Spain I used 2 Kilos in this Pan
you need to make sure each grain gets covered in oil this helps it not to stick together so give it a good stir

Then comes a full bottle of cheap dry White Wine
Next the most important bit in my opinion is the stock I make a good stock out of Onion Celery a whole Chicken some stock cubes and Pepper to this I also add the Saffron which gives the colour
the better the stock the better the taste of the finished dish as the rice soaks it up.The stock also needs to be boiling when you add add it I also keep topping it up as the rice cooks.Keep trying a grain of rice till you can tell it is cooked.

Once the rice is cooked and nearly all the liquid has been soaked up I start adding the shellfish
Mussels,Clams and 2 types of Prawns  shelled and un shelled.

cover with foil and cook for a further 10 Min's till all is cooked
Serve and enjoy


  1. Get 'yer cooookin' vid stuck on Youtube.
    It can't be any more embarassing than my new venture.
    I'm envious of your onion.
    LOL !

  2. I'm so hungry now.......I love Paella!


  3. Now then Delia

    Has this blog turned into some sort of bloody cookery website? Will you be wearing a pinny at Harrogate or will Linda not allow you out of the kitchen?

    Northern woofter

  4. Simon go and do what Dave Thornton told you to do in otherwords Foxtrot Oscar
    Dan seen the vid funny
    David thanks for the comment