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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wats up with the Weather

We have had a few days of high winds which have hampered progress on the plot.Yesterday I had to work inside due to the weather we even had hailstones across the valley.I got out my Mantis Tiller and went over a bed in the large tunnel I also added some slow release fertilizer and Perlka which is a high nitrogen fertilizer that combats club root I added this to the bed because I intend to plant some Caulis fir Harrogate.Once this bed was prepared I planted my last 5 Pendle leeks in to one end they are in good order and measure 30mm in diameter which means they are pushing the 22mm pipe lagging apart ,I have ordered some 35mm and some 48mm today so I can increase the size as they swell outwards I also learned at the talk in Derby that if you keep the collars tight it helps to keep the barrel of the Leeks straight.

While I had the tiller out I also prepared the bed for the Celery in which I intend to grow 25 at 18" centres to this bed I added loads of manure and some slug pellets. I have today planted my first 5 plants for the earliest of my shows these are in 6"diameter pipes which are 10" deep these are just to lengthen the plants before wrapping them to blanch them more on this when I wrap them.The canes are just to keep the pipe in place and are not through the area where the roots are.

I picked the first of my Courgettes today and they have now been eaten.

I also had a tidy up in the Onion tunnel and put some gravel on the floor the Onions have also been tidied up with all the dead leaves and skins removed.

For some reason I am unable to reply to comments using my id, the only way to comment is as anonymous if anyone has any ideas why please enlighten me. 


  1. All looking good Paul, reading your blog makes me want a polytunnel!!

  2. I have the same problem, at times.

    Try downloading Google Chrome and logging on via that rather than Internet Explorer. It that doesn’t work, download Firefox, which I use most of the time instead if internet explorer.

    Good luck

  3. Cheers Damo treat yourself it extends the growing season at both ends.
    still replying as anon

  4. Richard I managed to comment on Smiffs blog but not mine. Google have identified a problem and are trying to sort it

  5. Richard Google chrome has sorted the problem
    cheers glad i thought about trying