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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Why Pensioners Should Not Drive

Need to be careful where you park nowadays as there are more pensioners than ever on the road the elderly woman driving the Fiat got the pedals mixed up it also goes to prove how tough VW's are as it was a no contest. she was not even on her side of the road the most exiting thing to happen round here for a while.


  1. you want to live near me exiting every day, good job i can get out of way in garden a bit.are you going to kendal again paul.

  2. Yes Chris I am going to Kendall again this time it will be from the north east and then back again as that is where I am working that week

  3. Blicky my exhibition large Onions are fine they are my own grown from Vin Throup seeds. The problems are just with the vento which I did well with last year