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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Snow Joke

Woke up this morning to 2" of snow which put pay to my plans for the day as I intended to set up the mixer and fill some more drums. Instead I turned my attention to the new stump Carrot bed the plan was to raise one of the existing beds In the tunnel.I first dug out all the soil then constructed the new level this is now ready for the sand. I have followed Ian Simpson's instructions and the new bed is 70" long by 36" wide and a depth of 26" this will give me space for 50 Carrots on a 10 x 5 matrix. with a 7" spacing between centres of the bore holes (2 3/4") As this is an additional bed I should have plenty to go at come show time. 
My early sowing of Cedrico has germinated with 100% success rate  Lemon grass is also through and some of my small Aubergine's .
I also sieved some of the ingredients for the Carrot mix 8 Gallons of bagged sterile topsoil this should be enough for all the mix in the new bed I also sieved 4 Gallons of Peat Compost still have another 3 lots to do

it all was put through the new 1/8" riddle and took a while the peat is a bit damp making the task harder. I will do one lot of this per visit to the Garden as I still have a couple of weeks before I sow some of the Stumps for my early shows Ian reckons that Sweet Candle takes 22 Weeks from sowing to Lifting, this is what I am basing my sowing dates on so we will see.I have also sourced some fine grade Vermiculite and will be buying it in bulk to keep down the cost and with a view to supplying it to other growers the size is 1mm to 3mm and the price for a 100 litre bag will be £23.00 smaller quantities by request.

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