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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Large Onions

Had another check of the large Onions today one in particular is far larger than the rest it is now in a 7"diameter by 8" deep pot and has 9 leaves mine last year were only this size in mid May so they are 14 weeks ahead of last years 6lb attempt.
I will be selecting the 6 best next week and will be planting them in 100 litre pots come March to try to break Dans record I also received 2 giant Tomato seeds in the post also from Dan we are going to see if we can grow a big un.


  1. Crikey they're well away, I think you're onto a winner there.

  2. Yes, very impressive

  3. Bloody hell! What the hell are you feeding them on?

  4. they are dam good onions for the time of the year

  5. Well,yours are a good 2 months ahead of mine when I grew some 9 pounders.
    I hope they don't split or bolt otherwise you should get a few monsters.
    I've never had a big 'un bolt or even split so hopefully you wont either.
    Watch out for bloody thrips though....little b#stards !!

  6. Dan I will only be growing 6 of them due to space but they will be in a tunnel with mesh on all the openings so fingers crossed.
    Richard its the Northern water that is better than that weak southern sh**e I am also giving them some Bio Magic that mr Smiff got me from Scotland. they seem to like it so do the leeks
    Damo Blicky and Hort thanks for the encouragement.