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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Large Onions

Had another check of the large Onions today one in particular is far larger than the rest it is now in a 7"diameter by 8" deep pot and has 9 leaves mine last year were only this size in mid May so they are 14 weeks ahead of last years 6lb attempt.
I will be selecting the 6 best next week and will be planting them in 100 litre pots come March to try to break Dans record I also received 2 giant Tomato seeds in the post also from Dan we are going to see if we can grow a big un.


  1. Crikey they're well away, I think you're onto a winner there.

  2. Bloody hell! What the hell are you feeding them on?

  3. they are dam good onions for the time of the year

  4. Well,yours are a good 2 months ahead of mine when I grew some 9 pounders.
    I hope they don't split or bolt otherwise you should get a few monsters.
    I've never had a big 'un bolt or even split so hopefully you wont either.
    Watch out for bloody thrips though....little b#stards !!

  5. Dan I will only be growing 6 of them due to space but they will be in a tunnel with mesh on all the openings so fingers crossed.
    Richard its the Northern water that is better than that weak southern sh**e I am also giving them some Bio Magic that mr Smiff got me from Scotland. they seem to like it so do the leeks
    Damo Blicky and Hort thanks for the encouragement.