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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pumpkin Seeds

Today I recieved some Pumpkin seeds from Wyoming, I found the contact from big pumpkins . com, all they cost me was the price of the postage they even came with a detailed desription of each and growing instructions. I intend to grow a couple this season due to space I am aiming for 500lb plus if we have a good summer.


  1. good luck with pumpkins paul.did you know we have a new allotment person in kirklese to see whats going off from all accounts he showed great interest in mine and is going round all allotments every six weeks maybe good but dont know my caretaker did say something about sixe of polytunnel so be prepared

  2. Chris i heard we had someone new in charge he wants to sort out all the muppets on our site who are growing carpets and rubbish before he starts going on about pollytunels
    have you had a bill yet for your plot as I heard the admin was in chaos?

  3. no bill yet there seems to be a lot of changes going off the council came to last meeting of HAAGF meeting never been before . has this new guy been to your plot yet . got tunnel cover if you have any apare time .