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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Rain stops Play

If it rains anymore I am going to build an Ark. I have not been able to get anything done this weekend, apart from having 2 tons of topsoil delivered to fill up the raised beds in the tunnel,in  readiness for the Onions to be planted in to their final positions in mid March. I would like to get them finished and the growing medium analysed before then.The only other job I managed was to put 80 onion sets in to compost to get them going before planting out.I also ordered 100  14litre pollypots in redness for planting out the potatoes.


  1. I see you're going for the 'bury the bastards deep' approach?

  2. Hope it dries up soon for you. Where did you order the pollypots from if you don't mind me asking - I need to get hold of some.

  3. Simon Bury what deep??? very cryptic

    Damo Ebay or Jba roughly the same price