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Monday, 14 February 2011

Carrot mix is under way

Spent this afternoon shredding compost and sieving soil ready for the mixing of the magic stuff that will or won't work. I am using Wickes compost again as it is pure Irish Peat and the price is good as well at 4 bags for £13 that's 300 litres their soil also worked well for me last year it is 5 bags for £13 it will need sieving as it contains small stones, Ian Simpson uses a 1/8" riddle for this mine is ordered and on its way from Ebay,
he also said that you must use sterilised soil to avoid the Carrots being marked by the growing medium.

All the Large Onions are performing differently I will be selecting the best 4 to try to beat 10lb
the picture is of the largest which now measures 4" round 
Leeks are moving on slowly with a main stem blanch of  6"


  1. Sieved some top soil on Saturday but still to start on the peat, not a job I'm looking forward to!

  2. Who on earth takes photo's of their peat on the trolley outside Wicks?

  3. Forget the 1/8" sieve fella.
    I did 20 litres last week and it took bloody ages to do.
    You'll be 50 by the time you do 300 litres.
    Better get a wriggle on eh ?

  4. Damo I am not looking forward to it either
    Blicky the same kind of person who does a rain dance on barrels of sand lol.what is your misus going to spend all her money on?
    Dan do you mean I am old or that I only have a week and a bit to sieve my mix?I will be doing it in batches as and when required.