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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sweet Kendle

As you may have already read on Simon Smithyveg several of the blogging community traveled to the Westmoreland DA of the NVS monthly meeting for a talk on growing stump Carrots by Ian Simpson who has won the Nationals twice with stump Carrots. I must say that it was well worth the trip as I gained a vast amount of knowledge from this excellent speaker, and with that in mind I shall be building a new stump root bed in the next 2 weeks in order to try to grow some stumps following his method as closely as possible.I also bought some of the Garlic Wonder that Ian swears by he claims that it prevents Carrot Fly to the extent that he does not use Enviromesh. At the meeting it was on sale for £3 what a bargain.As an added bonus Ian also gave a talk on growing Exhibition Peas which was equally interesting and informative I will also be using his method for my Peas I bought 2 packets of his Show Perfection Pea seeds 100 seeds per packet £2 per packet another bargain in my eyes.
It was also nice to meet some new faces, Paul and Linda Wlodarczak and James Park  and even nicer to be bought a pint by Smithy,but in true Yorkshire fashion Dan undsworth bought nowt in the way of drinks for anyone. Well done Dan for keeping up the Yorkshire traditions!!!!
I am sure both myself and Simon will be filtering down some of the information as the season progresses so keep watching. And thanks to the Westmoreland DA  for making us welcome.I will be back.


  1. Interesting the garlic wonder for the carrot fly, good tip.

  2. Does Dan actually have pockets did you notice?

  3. Cheeky C##ts !
    I'd have bought a round but you two pussy whipped lightweights had to go home to wifey.
    If either of you are going to the March one then I'll buy the 1st round !
    Hope you like tap water.

  4. cheers for link paul if wheather nice tom might have a go

  5. Short arms long pockets me thinks cant wait for him to buy a round I will be taking a camera

  6. You'd better get your coal powered Box Brownie revved up then fella.
    Oh and can you fetch us half a dozen ferret eggs to the next !!