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Sunday, 18 September 2011

A trug kind of a day

I have to mention the excellent trug produced by Leesa Smith and staged by Simon it beat me out of the cards and earned Leesa 20 quid which she is struggling to prize out of the clenched fist of her gobby husband Simon the same person who won the Bullshit bloggers Chalenge (there could never have been any other winner of a bullshit challenge we had no chance against the king of bullshit) I also took a photo of my grandson with one of my heavy onions this morning it is nearly as big as him this is something else Simon will struggle to do unless he borrows an onion from me.Only joking Smiff a great experience and a card in the Northern to boot we are now looking forward to the nationals next year and another challenge
Make sure Leesa gets her 20 quid you tight get.


  1. I think you will find that possession is nine tenths of the law!

    Smithyveg (BBS Champ 2011)

  2. Make that BBC Champ....I could never type whilst pissed....spent my winnings on beer! hic