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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Today's Harrogate update

Today I prepared my Vento onions and garlic for the following classes
Garlic1 dish of 3
Onions 1 dish of 5 not to weigh more than 250g
and more vento a collection of 4 kinds of veg 1 dish of each min 2 specimens of each 16 points or under
these have all been selected and are now wrapped well ready for the journey I will post photos when they are staged
tomorrow I will turn my attention to selecting Beetroot  beans courgettes and Marrows
photos will be added later to avoid the competition changing their plans even though it is only a bit of fun lol


  1. How do you display Garlic,cos mine looks as shrivelled as Smithy's Scrotum ?
    I entered that class too,but got no idea what to do.

  2. Dan well done at the Westmorland the answer to your question is I am not really sure but here is a photo of how I did it last year and only dropped 4 points