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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Harrogate update

I pulled the rest of my carrots tonight and have a few possibles for the 6x1 I have also sorted my runners and beetroot. The giant marrow has been covered and will be cut from the vine tomorrow I had to cover it as we have frost forecast tonight tomorrow I will pack the van and head for the show I intend to arrive at 5pm before the southerners and escape before they arrive.I should be ok because I will be able to hear them coming from miles away

 Sweet Candle
 Purple Haze
Giant Marrow


  1. Ey up ! tha' 'nos14 September 2011 at 15:43

    You'll hear the Pearly King's buttons rattling in his Chavtastic Beemer,(unles he crashes it ,yet again!!) and the sound system blasting out the new Cockney Remix of Roll out the barrel.

  2. Looking good, Paul, especially the Sweet Candles.

    Glad you posted the Purple Haze. Reminds me to go back to them and not to grow Purple Dragon next year. 'Haze' is in a different class.

    No wonder you walk funny having produced a marrow that big. LOL!

    Good luck for tomorrow.

  3. Great looking carrots Paul, best of luck!