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Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Today was the day when I finally got round to deciding what to enter at Harrogate a week on Thursday, it was a case of looking at what i definitely had ready and second guessing what I may have for the other classes.In total I have entered 23 classes forever the optimist, I sent both entry forms recorded delivery to make sure they get there, the reason for 2 forms is that there are 2 championships, the NVS.Northern branch championships and the North of England Horticultural Society championships.I will wait to receive my passes and confirmation.

My overwinter onions arrived today and will go in to the large tunnel after Harrogate, the varieties I have gone for this year are Radar, Shenshyu, Red Electric and Shakespeare. (that is for you Richard) I grew most of these varieties last winter and we are still using them for the kitchen.the best ones have been used for a specific class in my local show for onions grown from setts there is a trophy for this class and I have won it for the past 2 years the setts were purchased on eBay for a bargain price a picture of the invoice is below again for you (Richard) so you do not have to ask yet again.

I also took delivery of a GSM Alarm this week again from eBay this is a great piece of kit it is wireless, and when you put a Sim card in to it it will phone you and tell you it has been activated, this will be useful as the garden is 3 Min's from home. The reason for the purchase is that a couple of other people on the site have had intruders recently. The other useful function is that if it is activated you can speak to the intruders through your phone and tell them to f off and leave things alone etc, with no wiring required and 2 remote controlls it took 20 Min's to install.and it only cost 40 quid


  1. Good to see you on Tuesday and I'm glad to have been of help by reading the Ebay invoice to you. At least you got something useful despite thinking you'd ordered a repeat of your habitual anal rash lotion. Reading is hard, isn't it. I was nearly 6 before I could read so you're doing really well, all things considered.

  2. Sorry, bol**k lotion. My mistake.