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Monday, 12 September 2011

Harrogate countdown

Regular readers will be aware that several of us will be competing in the 6 x 1 collection at Harrogate with a little side bet to boot I have been sorting the Onions today and will be selecting the rest over the next couple of days
I have entered a few more classes including the heaviest Onion which I hope gets in to the top ten but we will have to wait and see I am also taking my giant marrow although it is only about 50lb
my runner beans have had a beating over the last couple of days with this wind, The chance of  getting any more is slim now as some plants have uprooted and the remaining beans are limp I have 14 already picked and safely in the fridge i have gone for 17" and rejected any that have uneven ends  to avoid staging some like the ones below I have no chance of winning as the winner will be the unbeatable Mrs Plumb but you have to have a go.
I have also grown lettuces chard colored beans and Pink fir apple spuds for some of the classes on the Horticultural society side of the show.
The final Onion selection a 7lb for the 6x1 collection 
and 2 plus 2 spares for the 3 x2 collection
more to follow tomorrow 


  1. Only Southerners would enter beans with such uneven ends,which appear to look like the combing hooks on a Yorkshire Wool Weavers Loom.
    Get some proper 'uns in fella !

  2. Dan Ive got 14 even ones to choose from with matching ends I throw away the rejects or send them down south

  3. No problem Richard Rejects for rejects so to speak

  4. You really shouldn't put yourselof down like that. Over the centuries nearly 4 people from Yorkshire have been accepted into normal society

    By the way, how are the knuckles healing? Tarmac really is unforgiving, isn't it.