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Monday, 19 September 2011

Next years Onions

Today I cleared a bed in the large poly tunnel in readiness  for the planting of the over winter onions which I use in a particular class in our local show,the idea is to get them up earlier allowing them to ripen more than spring planted ones I have successfully done this for the last 2 years and won the class and the trophy.I also had an e-mail from Dan regarding next years quality onions he pointed out that he only uses Mr fothergills Kelsae plants which are delivered in April and still gets good shaped decent sized onions which was confirmed by his second place card at Harrogate,I intend to follow his advice and sow some Fothergills Kesae seeds at the end of November and see how I do. I was not going to grow large onions next year but have weakened and will be sowing some Peter Glazebrook seeds on the 18th of November  to see if i can get in to the teens now I have managed to beat 10lb. I also ordered my Leek plants from Dave Metcalfe and will also be trying to grow some of my own plants from grass that has been produced from the ones that went to seed earlier in the year,I will be testing the theory that If they go to seed in the first year and you use the grass the resulting plants will follow suit and go to seed also. we will see if this is the case in due course.
I have put my 2 large onions and the giant marrow on display in our local veg shop  follow them on facebook


  1. I hope they displayed your giant marrow and two giant onions in such a way...........well you know what I mean....