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Thursday, 1 March 2012

ltchy feet

Saturday saw my 51st birthday and the event was marked by a morning shopping for garden related items both in town and online.I than spent the rest of the day on the allotment joined by Linda,Kara my daughter and Harley the head Gardner and now fully fledged chicken herder.
My first task was to unload the van which was full of 40 litre tubs of mole hill soil 7 on total gathered from the grass verges around the north east where I have been working this week.I try to collect 250 litres a week as I need a substantial ammount to fill a new raised bed In the large tunnel,which I am hoping to use to grow show brassicas in a club root free enviroment,as the rest of the allotment is full of the desease which is nigh on impossible to eradicate.This new bed is 20foot long by 6 foot wide and 2 planks deep. I am hoping to have it filled for the end of march.

I then started sorting all the onions that are under the lights with the help of Kara we got all the Kelsae potted on and supported.The Vento were all re potted in to the same size pots,the object of this was to change the growing medium as they were in some B&Q compost that claimed to be John Innes numbr 2 it was total shite  never again. They are now all in Westland and looking much better.

I have been eager to get going and sowed my first propper batch of seeds yesterday,these are mainly Brassicas for kitchen use. I did however sow a few Goldstar and cherry tomatoes,the giant sweede seeds sown last week are through already and have been potted on along with a few chillie plants.
I also recieved some pot leeks from Dickie Walton on Thursday theseare Cumbrian and have now been potted up and are under the lights,There are no pot leek classes at the shows I attend but they are always a good bet in the any other veg class.
The spring cabbage in the large tunnel are doing well hopefully we will be eating them in a few weeks


  1. Ever since you told me that you collected mole hills, I've kept bags and shovel in the car. Alas, moles seem only seem to frequent private property, rather than roadside verges, down here in the South!

    You sure they're not ferret hills?

  2. Rich
    What you need to do is get out of the car and stick your cock in the hole. If there's a pleasant nibbling feeling it's a molehill. If you experience excrutiating pain and you feel someone pulling at your japster so your arse goes up and down giving the appearance to casual passers by that you are having sex with the's a ferret!

    Dan told me that!