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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Parsnips method and mix

Saturday saw me remove the mixer from storage and commence mixing my parsnip mix. I have decided to simplify things this year due to lack of time because of work commitments,the basis of the mix is seived irish moss peat which I obtained locally in 200 litre bales it is lovely fine stuff with no twigs or rubbish in it
The recipe is as follows
Peat sieved 10 litres
Silver sand 10 litres
Fine vermiculite 10 litres
Sieved bagged topsoil 5 litres
Westland no 2 10litres
To this I add
4oz review 4 or vitax q4 ground up
3oz seaweed meal
3oz dolomite lime
2oz nutrimate
another important factor is to weigh all the fertilizers accurately to avoid getting different mixes,I use a digital scale for this

Each mix is then thoroughly blended in my mixer for half an hour. This is to ensure all the fertilizers are evenly distributed giving a uniform mix to produce uniform roots once I had enough mix I started the coring and boring process. Firstly I core out a 3" hole using old plastic drain pipe I then use a ling metal bar to deepen the hole and rotate it to make the top wider,this leaves a cone shaped hole which takes 6 litres of mix to fill .I use an old measuring jug to do this and when the holes are full I place a 4" plastic ring on top which helps with watering later on .

.I will be starting to chit my parsnip seeds this weekend,more on this when I do it
Also a mention to my mum and dad for keeping it all weed free and all the water barrels full while I have been away I would struggle without them, below is a picture of the weed free plot.
not a weed in sight 
More at the weekend when I get back up North

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