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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Onions and Leeks plus Parsnip bed disaster

Yesterday I went on to the garden with the intention of  planting my leeks and onions in to the tunnel only to find that the weight of the sand plus the heavy rain on Friday night had caused one of the corners to split.The prospect of empting 3 tons of sand and re filling after the repair did not put me in good spirits.I hatched a plan to use a heavy duty ratchet strap to try and force the boards back in to place,Fortunately this worked and with some larger screws all is well again and boring will be undertaken next weekend.
After wasting most of the day repairing the box I finally got the leeks and some of the onions planted in to their final positions the leeks now have a 12" collar which I hope to change in a couple of weeks.The tunnel has frost protection just in case the weather gets colder 

On the giant onion front I planted 2 in to their final positions I only intend to grow 2 this year mainly for fun as I have no chance of getting in to the prizes at harrogate. This years are way behind last years which made 10.5lb if I can get a 10 pounder this year I will be more than happy


  1. What a bummer! Glad you managed to repair it, so all is not lost.

    My onions are a bit behind last years, for no apparent reason. Hopefully, they'll catch up.

    Your leeks look to be well ahead. The advantage of having proper facilities/heat/light etc., not to mention the ferret droppings and molehills. LOL!

  2. Dickie could have been a lot worse
    onions will catch up plenty of time
    Leeks are ok but a couple of weeks behind last year but again they should catch up I have planted them in to their final positions a little earlier than last year

  3. How are the pot leeks coming on?