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Monday, 12 March 2012

Shallot time

Sunday and the lovely weather saw me putting in my shallots which have been sat in pots since Christmas. they have lovely top growth and a nice root system has developed.I swore I would not grow Shallots again due to the lack of success in previous years,it is not growing them that is the problem it has been keeping them after lifting.
I decided to have another try with 24 bulbs purchased from the GN. and after reading Medwyns article in aforesaid publication last week I decided to get them planted out.
I sowed some Broccoli this week its a new variety for me which is Aquiles F1 Dan has grown it before and swears by it it has the same characteristics as Smithyveg not very tall with a big head.
Calabrese, Aquiles F1 Seeds
S: February-April or September H: June-September or May
Can be over-wintered if desired for an extra early crop of top class, tightly domed heads. It can also be planted closer together than many others, making the most of garden space. Once the central head is cut, delicious smaller side shoots are produced. Plants are highly resistant to foliar downy mildew.
Calabrese, Aquiles F1 Seeds
D.T. Brown Choice
60 seeds
Code: 12560

I also bit the bullet and ordered a tablet computer this week great for taking on the garden and blogging  activities
Back to more serious things the new parsnip bed is finally full of sand 3 ton in total.I will be boring it out this coming weekend and also starting to chit my seeds i will go  more on the mix ,chitting and boring as I do it.
I also put the tiller through the onion and leek beds in the tunnel in readyness for planting them in to thier final positions after tilling in sone tev 4 fertilizer and some slow release mirracle grow both beds were watered with Armillatox to kill any nasties.I intend to plant these up in the next couple of weeks once we reach 12 hours daylight .
My over winter onions and spring cabbage seem to be really starting to grow now not long till we start eating the cabbage 

Finally I managed 9 40 litre tubs of molehills from Sunderland last week so the Brassica bed is filling up nicely I hope to get the same again this week from Bristol 


  1. We're growing shallots for the first time this year. We've grown onions before, but never shallots. I'll follow your sucesses to compare.


  2. Martin Amy I will be keeping my blog updated with the process as I go along
    I grow mine for showing so the method is slightly different to just growing for eating the main difference is that I thin the plants down to four bulbs to give the shallots space to grow without touching each-other thus giving nice shaped bulbs for the show bench.

  3. So there isn't really an aye-pad shovel? Cock!

  4. I grew Aquiles last year and it was pretty good, kids loved the stuff. Shallots are looking good, must get mine planted out.