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Sunday, 19 February 2012


I received an envelope in the post this week from my old mate Dan it contained some seeds for giant veg in particular Swedes and carrots these have now been sown and we will see what happens He also included a seed from a 170lb marrow which will be sown later on I was tickled by the note that was included in the envelope, what sprung to mind was that there is many a true word spoken in jest also the word mediocre sprung to mind.I have decided to share it with you see below.
I have also got another experiment under way which started last year when I ended up with some Vento plants that did not get planted out  these were uprooted and left to dry thus creating Vento setts I planted these up about a month ago and hey presto they are now sprouting both roots and green tops.If this works I will have Vento much earlier thus giving them more time to ripen.
My greyhound cabbages are through these are just for table use as I prefer them for eating to the round hard varieties such as Kilaton.I do grow Kilaton for showing and also because of its club root resistance as my land is full of the disease and no easy way to get rid of it.


  1. I am doing some research for a new BBC documentary on allotments. I'm specifically looking into show growing at the moment and i'd love to have a chat with you, and anyone else with some tales to tell! can you email me on