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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Busy Busy day

I spent all day today on the garden as the weather has been milder.Quite a few tasks were undertaken
I managed get all Dave Metcalfes Pendle leeks re potted and colared up with extra support for the flags at they get increasingly longer.Below are a few pictures showing how I do it with a brief description below each
First take off the old collar then remove any dead outer leaves

I replaced the 4" collars with 6" ones today and use 15mm pipe lagging as the collar . I push a small garden cane through the wall of the lagging trying to keep it as straight as possible

Next I gently ease the lagging apart and feed the leek plant through the opening till it is inside 

next I push the cane down in to the compost to the bottom of the pot ,I then get a smaller piece of lagging about 1/2" and feed this on to the top of the cane. at the same time opening it and feeding the flags inside,this is purely to support the flags 

Finished item
I also managed to move another ton of sand in to the parsnip box,I still think I will need another ton to fill it hope it is worth the effort. While I was potting the leeks Chris The Gardner called with news that our valentines date with Sherie Plumb was cancelled The first time in my life I have been stood up,never mind I will just carry on growing my spuds using the same method as last year.Whil on the subject of spuds I started to chit mine today wich involves placing them in trays or egg boxes with the rose end up that is the end with most eyes on it and is the opposite end to where the tuber was attached to its parent plant.The said potatoes are now in the poly tunnel with frost protection enabled and will stay there till the risk of frost has passed and they can be planted out.
Maxine Blue Belle Cassablanca Amoure Purple eyed Seedling  Nadine Sherine 

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