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Monday, 6 February 2012

Back to Blighty

Friday night we got back from Tenerife to the cold spell that is currently gripping the UK, and Saturday we were treated to 2" of snow,

The van is now back on the road and running well fingers crossed it will stay that way. The Leeks and onions are coming on nicely and mine should need a longer collar in a weeks time Daves should also now take a 6" collar and a bigger pot.

 My JBA potatoes arrived while i was away and I will be starting to chit them this week.

 While i was in Tenerife I witnessed the way they protect their banana crops with a large cage it gave me food for thought and I shall be endeavouring to build my own over part of the plot for brassicas, this should enable me to protect cabbages and caulis from airborne predators, as peviously this has been a problem.when I have netted them  at ground level as it has restricted the access to check the crop and has allowed slugs to do damage them, this year I intend co change the situation by building said cage enabling me to walk in to inspect the crop.

 I also purchased some Onion seeds while on the island and if the picture on the packet is anything to go by they should be a great shape and colour for the 250g class.

 I will be sowing them this weekend and only time will tell. As spring is just round the corner I will be sowing pointed cabbage and celery in the next week or so more on this as I perform the tasks    


  1. Must admit I've always fancied a fruit styled cage over my brassicas. The cost has always put me off.
    Your leeks are looking strong.

  2. I looked into a cage similar to what you've seen when in Spain 2 years ago. I was told then that the covering used was fine for Spain etc., but didn't let enough light in for the UK climate. Having said that, I can't really see that it would make much difference to brassicas.

  3. Just found your fantastic blog and have enjoyed reading a few of the last posts.

    The size of your cabbages is rather impressive!


  4. on the plot I intend to beg steal and borrow to build one I am pleased with the leeks
    Dickie I intend to use more open mesh
    Martin and Amy glad you like it thanks for your input