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Monday, 2 January 2012

Mediocre sense of direction

Well after waiting in most of the day yesterday Mr mediocre himself finally turned up for his leeks.I think he was delaying it as long as he could giving him less time to make a mess of growing them on, he did ask me if he could pick them up in August but I had to tell him where to go on that one.The reason for his late arrival was that he missed the exit on the M62 TOSSER.Good job he has an office based job at least he cant get lost.

Now I have re gained some space I have been able to pot on all my leeks and onions I was surprised to find that my leeks were on a par with the ones from Dave Metcalfe. I also phoned Dan to ask how many Giant onion plants he wanted but he also could not be arsed to answer so I made the decision for him.1 only kidding


Giant and Kelsae transplanted

My Leeks
Daves Leeks


  1. Sorry Boss,I've mislaid my phone after a very,very messy New Years Eve.
    I'll have as many or as few as you have going spare.
    As for Mr Mediocre,are you surprised he couldn't find you ?
    He couldn't find his own arse with BOTH Hands !

  2. Dan I have potted on the strongest 12 I only require 4 max so the rest are yours

  3. Leeks and onions are looking good Paul!

    I pity the poor bugger if he had to take a detour round Oldham!!

  4. Cheers Damo at least he arrived on the same day

  5. Paul

    your plants look great. My own leeks are about half that size but as it is my first attempt at growing them I'm not too worried (I hope to show local) . Helen V is keeping some onions for me so I hope I can do them justice, and I've started mt 250gm seeds away, trying "Globo"

  6. Even I don't get lost getting to your gaff!

    Mind you, it must be difficult when your vision is obscured by the spokes of the steering wheel.

  7. Get f***ed you spastics. What is the point of putting a junction number on the map if you can't actually get off the f***er?!? Could only happen in the north. Doesn't happen on sensible Midlands motorways!

  8. on the plot thanks for your comments I have some smaller leeks they should catch up
    Richard you are right about that one
    Smiff I get off the m62 at 23 regularly you just need to pay attention bet you would have not gone wrong if you had Leesa with you have you made it home yet?