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Friday, 23 December 2011

Going for a leek

Last Saturday I braved blizzard conditions to cross the Pennines and in to Lancashire to collect my leeks,
and also the ones that had been ordered by mediocre veg grower Simon umpa lumpa Smithyveg.

 As usual they were purchased from Dave Metcalfe and are his own strain called the Pendle improved, these leeks performed very well for me last year despite a few going to seed. Dave's greenhouse was crammed with leek and onion plants and just inside the door were some larger plants I was informed that these were his new variety and no one would be getting any this year until he knows if they are any good I now have 24 leeks from Dave plus another 30 of my own Pendle improved cultivated from the ones that went to seed.It will be interesting to see how mine perform along side Dave's.

Dave's new variety
Baby leeks in Dave's Greenhouse

Mine and Umpas Leeks safely home

My Leek plants doing ok
 Also my Onions are coming along nicely the giant Peter Glazebrook  ones have 3 true leaves
I have also got 30 Kelsae plants now potted on and have sown another sowing today. This is  to ensure I have plenty to go at .
I will also be sowing Vento in the next few days as soon as I have room, when Smithy collects his leeks next week.
I would also like to wish everyone who reads this a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.


  1. Have a cracking Christmas and al the best for the following growing season!


  2. Cheers David same to you and yours

  3. Paul your own leeks look great and I must say the ones from Dave Thornton look great as well. Just a thought (he he) hope your not going to be selective with the ones that go up to Simon. Have a great Christmas

  4. merry xmas paul, ive got you a program for next years events at leeds. should be good with sherrie plumb, ian stocks and others to look forward to.

  5. On the plot they are actually from Dave Metcalfe, deliberate mistake well done Smithy for spotting it. I will not be selective with the leeks they are all the same and Simon needs all the help he can get being a mediocre growerhe can have the pick.
    Merry xmas Chris you will have to give me the dates for the speakers

  6. I thank you for helping me in my bid to climb from mediocrity!

  7. You are welcome, should I just keep the leeks till September and you can get them just before the shows, you may have a better chance of winning something,

  8. They're looking good already Paul. Best of luck with them.