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Saturday, 3 December 2011

An Enlightening Moment and more

This week I replaced a couple of my grow light bulbs, one had a couple of loops that did not light and the other was a smaller one than the others. I find the best and cheapest place to get these is on ebay. I did however have one arrive damaged it was well packed and factory sealed meaning that the seller had no idea of the damage.This bulb was replaced by the seller without question. I also got a second one with the repacement and both are now installed and working fine, the only problem is that they are a lot brighter than the other which are now 2 years old I may get another couple and then I will have new ones in all my lights, if anyone is interested the link to one being offered by the same seller is below.
If you  are using them for Onions or Leeks you need the Blue light spectrum this is for Propagation & Vegetative Growth The Red ones are for flowering and fruiting.

My Medwyns seed order arrived this morning all present and correct and I now also know that gyda chyfarchion means with complements. I ordered some old favourites plus a few new varieties, the list is as follows I have created links to each product 
Reselected Exhibition Variety - Stenner - a re selection from Enorma.  3 packets 
Carrot Sweet Candle                                                                               1 Packet
Sunset Cauliflower Yellow                        For a special class locally   1 Packet
Evening Star Celery                                                                                 1 Packet
Piccolo Courgette                                        For Trugs                            1 Packet
*NEW* Egery F1 Lettuce replaces Sandrine                                        1 Packet
Countess Parsnip                                                                                     1 Packet
Goldstar (Re Selected from the original F1 hybrid)                              1 Packet
Vento Onions for the 250g class                                                             1 Packet

The first of the Kelsae are just poking through the compost more should now follow
The Christmas tree has also gone up this week, only 4 weeks and we can get it down again and get back to norma.l I am looking forward to it as Harley will be more aware this year, and I think I am getting the latest Pink Flloyd CD if I behave till Christmas, another plus this week is that Linda has lost her voice heaven. 

The latest batch of Leeks have developed a great root system and are now in 3" pots.


  1. Hi paul, I think you have purchased some goldstar tomatoe seed am i right and if so i can tell you that i grew them myself this year and must say that i was pleased with the results.The only thing i do have to say about them is that you need to make sure of your planting times if you are going to put them in shows as they intend to get soft if on the trusses to long after ripening and that they intend to split if not careful when being trasported to shows. This was confirmed to me by simon when i bought them at the start of the year from medwyns. Anyway i thought i would let you know. I dont know if you do look at my blog but if you do you will see that i have now learnt how to put photos on so you and any one else can see how i progress, mind you it is only on a small scale but at least it is something. Yes re to your question as to heating and lighting i do have bottom heat which comes from my JEMP PROPORGATOR which i have had for about 25yrs and still going strong. As to lighting i use a fish tank lighting system with a 4watt bulb and upto now it seems to work fine even with onions when small. Will be posting photos shortly.

  2. Just bought my self a LUX Light meter off ebay to see how the light intensity decreases or increases with distance from the CFL bulbs.
    Should be interesting to see how it changes at different heights so you can guage the best height to have the lamp above the plants.
    Just need it to arrive from Hong

  3. Geffo thanks for the info I will look at your blog
    I am trying Goldstar as I have had no luck with cedrico in the past and they taste shite I am about as good with tomatoes as Smith is with caulis and onions
    Dan I bought one last year and guess what the nearer the plants the more light, does not take a scientist to work that one out. Only kidding I managed the required amount of light quite easily and the plants did not go leggy either