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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pricking out and potting on general tidying

The Giant onions were ready for pricking out today as most were a the crook stage this is the ideal time to do this so I potted all the ones that have germinated in to larger pots.Out of the 48 sown I managed 40 which is not bad at all I will have to get some money back off Peter Glazebrook for the ones that did not come through next time I see him (only kidding Peter)

I also potted on some of the Leek plants which I have grown from grass,the plants look good nice root system and lovely and straight,time will tell if they go to seed in the first year like their parent plant.

photos show all 3 lots of leek grass roughly 3 weeks apart in initial planting

I have now also sown my quality onions after having a chat with  Dan I decided to use Mr Fothergills Kelsae seeds. He grows his onions from plants that come from the same source and has excellent results, the seeds came a couple of weeks ago and were actually Johnsons which I believe is the same company. I have sown 84 seeds in modules and will keep selecting the strongest till I am left with about 40 plants to grow on

The new carrot bed is now finished and filled with sand and I also spent half a day cleaning all my water butts and sterilising them with Armillatox which apparently stinks awful when you come back in to the house with some on your clothes.
We also found a new use for the wheelbarrow
The overwinter onions and spring cabbage in the large tunnel are both doing well 


  1. You'll soon be campaiigning for the start of the year to be officially moved from 1/1 to 1/11!

    It's all looking good, Paul.

  2. i have never grown onions from seed i usually use sets is it worth having a go? whens best to plant?

  3. Stacy, onions from seed grow larger I grow both, the ones from seed are for showing but we still eat them after the shows have finished.if you want a go I reccomend buying mr Fothergills plants in the spring which will grow easily to 3lb hope this helps you could also sow some seeds in early January but they will need heat till spring I would go with the plants
    see below
    40 module raised plants
    Product Code 80539
    Delivery Dates: From mid April 2012
    Last Order Date: Early April 2012

  4. Richard my year starts then everyone else can please their selves

  5. thanks for that Paul, I will give that a go.
    love the blog aswell!

  6. Crikey you've got next year's growing well under way. Just shredding my root mix up at the moment.

  7. hi paul, i to have seed which are now 3" tall and coming to the crook stage. the seed i have growing are seed from my ailsae onions which i grew early in 2009 and picked one of the best to plant for seed in 2010. It is going to be interesting to see the results from the ones which has now got to the crook stage as mentioned.

  8. Damo I normally sow around this time and have had good results
    Geoffo I am trying Kelsae this year for the shape
    do you have lights and heat?

  9. geoffs garden of pleasure2 December 2011 at 10:30

    hi paul did you get my email

  10. Geoffo no I did not get it my email is