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Friday, 4 November 2011

Get your Orders In Early To avoid Disappointment

Today I ordered my seed Potatoes from JBA. I like to get the order out of the way early to ensure I get what I want and also to spread the cost of everything needed for the growing season. The varieties I have chosen are the ones that performed best for me this year I have opted for 3 coloured and 3 White and will only be growing 10 bags of each variety they are
Blue Belle
and Maxine
I also bought 3 ton of sand for my drums and beds at a bargain price of £90 delivered
and 1000 Pablo Beetroot seeds for £2.54 delivered which I think is also a bargain

The Beetroot bed that I created yesterday in the large tunnel has been planted with spring cabbage which will be ready well before I need to sow any Beetroot.


  1. That's bargain sand.
    The best I can get is £37 a tonne plus Vat !! so getting on for £45.
    Mind you you'll get it cheaper up there with all the sand they use on the Steam Trains I suppose...

  2. Paul are you coming to get your spuds this year?
    Did you see about my new potato mix? I also have a leek and onion mix that you may find of interest.

  3. As Dan said, that is a bargain for the sand
    Best I can get is £45 per tonne
    Is that a local or national supplier?

  4. hi paul ordered mine last week. im thinking of getting mix from jba what do you think.chris the gardener.

  5. Dan it is you that lives in hillbilly country and why would trains need sand?
    Iain I may be up your way in Jan if I am i will call in may also be interested in onion and leek mix
    Blicky local builders merchant soil sand and small gravel £25 per ton plus vat delivered
    Chris I may get some onion and leek mix

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  7. Devis glad you like it there is not much to report this time of year but keep watching

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