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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Today between the showers I managed to get some manure in to the onion and leek beds in one of the poly tunnels. I will now leave this on the top for a week or 2 before putting the tiller through it in readiness for planting them in to their final positions around the 21st march weather permitting in other words if it is warm enough I will also add some more soil to top up the bed and give them a watering with Armillatox to kill any underlying nasties.Before planting.

My first sowing of Vento are now poking through the compost, these were from a bulk sowing in a seed tray.I will not be doing this again as it makes transplanting harder.I have sown another 40 in modules today and will grow all of then on under the lights in the hope of getting bigger plants to put out thus getting them to size earlier.This will help me to get them to a better colour come show time.I still have some of last years vento left and they are a lovely colour and condition so this years should keep well .

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