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Sunday, 8 January 2012

The First Pull plus Parsnips

Today I decided to start lengthening my leeks which is reffered to as pulling them,a different kind of pulling than the pastime carried out by Loughborough residents. I use 15mm  pipe insulation and the thinner Green garden canes to start with. I have used 2 different lengths as Dave Metcalfes leeks are not quite as long as my own Pendle improved so 5" on Daves & 7" on mine, they are all about the same thickness on the barrel and by planting out time Dave's will have caught up. I have Linda to thank for collaring them all up and marking each plant.

While Linda was at work on the leeks it me time to attack the new parsnip bed / box which I managed to get built outside. All that remains to be done with it now is to fill it with 3 ton of sand,another job for Linda when the weather permits. I chose to build a box rather than use barrels because barrels being round take up too much space and also I had little success last year with barrels while on the other hand I had some cracking specimens in my first year from a box outside,it remains to be seen what will happen this year but it is worth a try. The internal dimensions of the box are 40" x 77" so I should get 24 in there comfortably at 12" spacings.
The whole thing is about 6 planks deep as some are buried underground from the original bed

We also had a visit from Harley who now likes to tell the chickens to go to bed regardless of the time of day.The giant cabbages also got inspected although I am not sure what to do with 2 of them which are approaching 100lb each in weight.

I have also been booked to do a talk at the Huddersfield Allotments Federation I was asked by Jane the secretary who has the allotment next to mine, she has witnessed my progress and asked me if I would be prepared to come and share some of my experiences with the society. I have given a lot of thought to subject of the talk and finally came up with growing for collections. There are a few reasons for this firstly there is more subject matter to go at given that you need more types of veg for a collection, also I attended a good talk last year on collections so I already have a few pointers.Also I won best in show at the Huddersfield Allotments show with a 3x2 collection so hopeful will not be out of my depth. The talk will be on the 19th of March 745pm at Turn bridge working men's club Huddersfield HD1 6SB  all welcome no hecklers.Also if anyone reading this has any good photos of collections for my power point please could you email them to me
cheers in advance.


  1. Looking good.
    I heard that the Loughborough resident had been trying to pull his 3"er a bit to vigorously from Monday 'til Friday.
    And now he's got a Week End.

  2. Seeing Harley beside the giant cabbages gave me a silly idea of what to do with the large ones, use them like donkeys on a pleasure beach - if I had a child I'd absolutely pay good money to photograph them sitting on a huge cauliflower being pulled along on a home made go-kart!

    I was wondering if you might add your garden to Folia the online gardening website (it's free). I'm always looking to encourage more gardeners to join and am having an extra push this week while the weather is keeping most people indoors.

    It's a great resource for gardeners and has helped me keep on top of my 800+ plantings with photo's, notes, journals, milestones etc. They have an extensive plant wiki and a seed stash section where people can also list seeds for swapping. Here's the link to my Folia page so you can see how it works:

  3. The cabbages look fab (putting mine to shame). Love that you've kept "Free" at the top of the parsnips box!

    How long do you keep the isulation round the leeks? Most people round us use toilet rolls till they die.

  4. Mad Bird I will keep replacing the insulation with longer pieces and also as the barrel of the leek gets bigger I use larger diameter pipe lagging
    the bloke I get the boards off always puts a few extra in and marks them as free its noce to get summat for nowt now and then
    Cally I will check it out
    Dan very witty

  5. Good luck with the new season Paul, I'm growing a handful of snips in 6" pipes so will see how things go.

  6. Damo I have not tried pipes what diameter are you using?
    The snips on your header look great how did you grow them