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Friday, 20 January 2012

Not the best of weeks

As I write this I am travelling back from a week in Scotland the land of the pea and carrot champions. The train journey was not the planned method of transport
 but was forced upon me when my van decided to put a piston through the side of the engine 40 miles south of Glasgow. I had to have it recovered home by the AA and continued my journey with a colleague, little did I know it was the start of a week of disasters.
I had a desperate phone call on Tuesday from Ted to say all the lights had gone off in the onion pad overnight and as it turns out so had the heaters meaning leeks and onions were treated to -2 deg. He managed to get them all going again but they may have suffered a check and may go to seed, only time will tell as Simon Smithy and Dan reckon they can stand some frost. I may have got away with it I have decided not to start again at this stage and will keep my fingers crossed.

Thursday evening saw the arrival of an email from Ted saying someone had sawn the lock off the garage where my mixer and shredder are kept, so I feared the worse but luckily both are still there and said garage has now been re secured.

Before I left last Sunday I potted up the first batch of Vento and potted on my Leeks everything looked to be in good order as you can see from the photos below.


  1. You've had a bit of a week of it, fingers crossed they haven't been checked.

  2. Stop being so gay.....leeks will be fine.

    Or is this the earliest attempt yet at getting your Harrogate excuses in?

  3. Hi Paul. Looks like you've had a week to forget. Hope your leeks and onions recover. The van can always be repaired.


  4. On the plot I will carry on as planned and see what happens I am however tempted to get some Onion plants from Vin Throup as a backup
    Simon thanks for being so sympathetic there are plenty more 20 pointers to go at.
    John cheers I have already bought another van which has been written off with damage to the rear for the engine.

  5. I think you may be worrying to much paul,it is surprising how plants revive even when they have been checked. Bare in mind we have not had what you may call a severe winter and we are now coming to the end of january. There is plenty of time left to go for the plants to grow.