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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Weekly update

Got most of my drums filled this week, next will be the mixes most of the ingredients are sieved so it will be just a case of adding the nutrients. I am not going to do this till I have attended the talk on long Carrots in Kendal by Ian Stocks as I am still unsure as to what to add due to different opinions from various sources.
I also managed to get some 12" collars on my Leeks to extend the blanch which is now 10"

my first sowing of Cedrico are doing well

the Vento that have caused problems for loads of people are now starting to pick up so I may have 20 to plant in to their final positions which is more than last year.
Parsnip seeds are not chitting don't know why I orered some more seeds this week and when they arrived they were Polar rather than Pinnacle my mistake dont buy seeds after you have had 3 bottles of wine I will try these in a couple of drums and have ordered some Pinnacle tonight. I have also ordered some Bonica Aubergene plants for April delivery after reading Smithys blog. 

The head gardner visited the allotment today after we took him to get his first pair of wellington boots he found them a bit of a struggle to walk in lol


  1. Leeks look impressive
    Cheers my the blog warning, I think it reads better now

  2. My parsnips are the same 10 days and only 2 sprouted.
    How long do they usually take ?

  3. I notice you have your young onion seedlings supported with wire hoops too. Is it necessary to do this at such an early stage, as mine are not yet supported, and I too intend to enter some of them in our annual show? Thanks

  4. one little thing i always do is fluff the compost up round the onion seedlings, the green on top of the compost i feel is a sign that not enough oxygen is getting to the roots, just tickle it up with a small split cane, just like hoeing in the garden is good for plants.

  5. Cheers Darren spoke to Dave Metcalf last night and it looks like I am on track.
    Dan thankks for the pint last night I have had some more Parsnips chit this morning so it seems that you have to be patient
    Misty I like to support them early it just keeps them straighter and stops them falling over
    Ray thanks for the info I will try it out