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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

50 Carrot Bed

Got lots done yesterday 2 tonnes of sand arrived and was duly barrow ed to the new stump root bed it took nearly all of it to fill to the top I will now let it settle ready for coring next week.

The mix for this bed that will take 50 stumps has now been prepared as the vermiculite also arrived although the vermiculite was fine grade I still sieved it through the 1/8" riddle to keep everything even. The texture is identical to the mix that Ian Simpson showed us at the talk in Kendal if it is good enough for him it will do for me.

The Onions and Leeks had a day out in the tunnel and got some natural light for the first time


  1. I noticed after Ian Simpsons talk,and reading his printout that his mix had no nitrogen fertilizer in it whatsoever,just potash and super phosphates and given the amazing green top growth he showed us I was,and am still baffled as to how he managed this with an absence of Nitrogen.Far be it to question a National winner but to grow anything without any Nitrogen ,to me anyway seems miraculous.
    What do you reckon ?

  2. Dan you have now got me thinking trust you to throw a spanner in the works. I have yet to add the nutrients I may just do what I did last year or wait to see what Ian Stocks puts in his Carrot mix before taking the plunge.

  3. i reckon try your own you no what the veg likes see you tom