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Thursday, 17 March 2011

First Carrots Sown

On Monday I sowed a drum of long Carrots plus 15 stations of Stump rooted ones. These are for my early shows and the Varieties are Sweet Candle and Ian Stocks own long Carrot Seeds which I acquired from Kendal.It is now just a waiting game till they come through Hopefully. The Long Carrots were planted 5 to a barrel and the core holes are 4" I will try another barrel with 3" cores to see if there is any difference, the Stumps are in 3" holes 26" deep the drum has been covered with bubble wrap and the stump bed with fleece.

I now have loads of Celery as all my sowings have now germinated finally. Tomorrow I intend to finish my onion and Leek beds in the tunnel as it will not be long before I plant them in to their final positions as we are now at the 12 hours of daylight stage they can come out from under the lamps and in to the heated tunnel without getting a check in growth.

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  1. Looks good Paul, I will follow with interest