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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Slawit Royals

My first lot of spuds went in today these are International Kidney from J.B.A. Seed Potatoes  these are the early variety that are grown in Jersey and called Jersey Royals, you are only allowed to call them this if you grow them in Jersey hence the name Slawit Royals (doesn't have the same ring to it though) they will be grown in bags in my heated tunnel to avoid any frost that we might get.I am hoping for some lovely new spuds sometime in June fingers crossed. I have planted 3 to a 35 litre bag and the growing medium is Peat based compost with added Tev 4 (Vitax q4) seaweed meal and calcified seaweed. I am growing 6 bags in total this way.The spuds have now been covered with compost and watered I will top up the bags as they grow.
I also planted some Onion sets in to their final position after chitting they are Stutgarter Giant 40 in total I only need a set of 3 for my local show so these or the overwinter ones which are in the tunnel should do the trick.

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