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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Kendal part 2

Travelled to Kendal again last night for another informative talk this time it was on  Long Carrots by Ian Stocks, there was a lot to take in and I think that what he had to say will influence what nutrients I put in my Carrot mix. His mix differs considerably from Ian Simpsons.I shall be trying a mix derived from both of theirs and also bearing in mind what I used last year as well.I will decide over the weekend what to include and hopefully get it mixed soon. One thing he does do is bore each hole and fill with the mix then sow the seeds all on the same day which means the pressure is off slightly as the ingredients have already been sieved.
I also bought a packet of his Long Carrot seeds and will be trying a couple of drums to compare with Medwyns.


  1. Are you going to share the mix recipe with us Paul? I am planting my long carrots any day now, but using a mix Medwyn posted online ages ago. Would be interested to know if there is much difference?

  2. Misty the mix that Ian stocks uses is as follows
    75 litres of levington f2
    25 litres of silver sand
    12 oz of calcifies seaweed ground finely
    12 oz of vitax q4 or tev 4 (they are the same but we are not allowed to say)
    and that is all he puts in his mix
    I intend to substitute some of the calcified seaweed for seaweed meal and add some lime
    hope that helps

  3. Paul Just a quick correction(sorry!!) For the carrots it`s F1 I use - F2S is for the parsnips


  4. Ian thanks for the correction I wrote down F1
    but copied it in to my blog wrong great presentation by the way

  5. Hi

    I live in Jersey and they do not sell Levingtons f1or f2
    What can I use instead

  6. Steve I used to use
    4 parts sieved compost
    1 part sieved bagged topsoil
    1 part fine Vermiculite
    1 part silver sand
    to every 20 litres I added
    2 oz tev 4
    1 oz garden lime
    1 oz seaweed meal
    1 oz ground calcified seaweed
    although this year due to lack of time I just filled the bores with levington f2s and came 4th in the national championships with stumps
    as you can not get it in Jersey i suggest using the above mix
    thanks Paul

  7. Have found an article by Ian Stocks so going to try his mix which is 75 ltr F1. 25ltr sand and 12 oz vitax an 12oz of calc seaweed

    I can get F1 in Jersey