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Sunday, 1 August 2010


Been lifting Kelsae Onions for dressing today, (as you can see from the photos) I have skillfully managed to grow some great Onions which are all different shapes and sizes, making it difficult to get a set of 3. I also lifted some grown from sets these are more uniform but smaller. As I am only showing in local shows they should be good enough. My Giant Onions are growing very slowly and the ones that have not split are now 18" circumference, These are for the 3 Onions as grown with Green Blades category.I may also lift some Ailsa Craig for Dressing as these are more uniform in size (photo with Hand )


  1. hi paul, just browsing through yor photo's and i was wondering, do you grow your onions for show in the geen house or out in the open garden. Why i ask is i have not heard of any one say that they grow large onins other than in a green house or polly tunnel( What do you think) I notice you have grown alisa craig, a nice onion. have you tried marshalls SHOW MASTER. A few years ago i grew them and the results were very good, i think they are similar to alisa craig and again very good. your comments will be very welcome geffo

  2. Hi Geffo all the onions in the Photo's were grown outside I grew 2 varieties Kelsae and Ailsa Craig the Kelsae were bought in as plants from Exibition seeds the Ailsa were sown by myself in Feb and planted out after the frost risk had passed. if you look back you will see that i covered the bed with Polythene for the first couple of months. Most of them ended up at the 2- 2.5 lb mark My Giant Red and Giant Onions are in the Pollytunell they are now around the 4lb mark
    Cheers Paul