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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Grow Lights Weeds Japanese Onions

Went to a Hydroponics shop near Manchester on Friday in search of Grow lights for my Onions and Leeks next season. It was full of fellow growers who seemed to be more interested in growing Weeds than veg, why spend all that money when weeds seem to be the easiest thing to grow without any encouragement. (strange people) not one person in the shop seemed to be interested in Giant onions or showing,nor did I get any invites to visit their gardens,it may be a Yorkshire Lancashire thing. I did purchase some Reflectors and some reflective film, I will return later for the Bulbs.
I then went to my workshop to construct some growing boxes one for Onions and one for leeks, each box can take 4 seed trays and will be covered by 2 lights. This should enable me to get better results next year.

I also sowed 60 Japanese overwintering Onions, these are for kitchen use and have done well in the past altough last years were not that brilliant, I put this down to them being covered with snow for half the Winter.

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