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Sunday, 29 August 2010

More From The Show

I had a good show yesterday it was my local Village show and the biggest turnout ever with over 50 ehibitors the tables were packed with good quality ehibits. I tabled 48 exhibits and ended up with 30 cards 10 firsts 10 seconds and 10 thirds it was a bit hectic getting ready as I had been working all week and had little time to prepair.
the cards were awarded as follows
First                                   Second             

Blanched Leek                  Potatoes                                    
Onions from Sets dressed    Lettuice               
Carrots                               Beans dwarf Kidney
Dwarf Beans                       Cabbage as Grown
Runner Beans                      Plate Parsley        
Any other veg Celery          Tomatoes             
White Potatoes                   Cabbage White      
Swedes                              Collection 4 veg     
Shallots                               Carrots                   
Thornton Ross Top Tray     Blanched Leek        
Dwarf Beans,Tomatoes,Potatoes White,Sweedes,Cabbage White,Parsley Plate,One Flower One Veg,Marrow,Cabbage as Grown,and Turnips.
I won 5 Trophy's
Top Tray , best exhibit in onion Class,most prize money in veg class,best exhibit in veg class for Onions from setts Dressed and Garden News Shield for most prize money in Show
I have also been invited to join the committee that organises the show which I will be doing in due course
My next and final show will be next week this is also at local level. I will be attending Harrogate but not exhibiting to see what i have to aspire to.
I also entered the Smithy Veg stupid grin of the year contest while recieving a couple of trophies we will see what hapens at Christmas when he dishes out the awards.


  1. Paul - fantastic effort mate - and what a great local show you seem to have.

  2. by gad your doing well boy whare are you showing next.

  3. Thanks Rob and Geffo.
    Robb I intend to join the committe and hopefully keep the show going from strength to strength.

    Geffo my next show is on Saturday fingers crossed i will do ok.

  4. Good grief! amazing results! well done!

  5. Thank's Matron we will see what happens this weekend Paul

  6. Wait 'till you go to Harrogate.It'll blow your mind.
    P.S take some butties and a flask 'cos its about a tenner for a sarnie and a brew up there in't posh end o' Yorkshire.
    Hopefully see you on Sunday with my miserable display of entries.