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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Disastrous day

Yesterday was not a good day, the gearbox on my newly acquired vehicle decided to pack up after only a days ownership. I had really pushed out the boat and spent £700 thinking I would get a decent car still you live and learn. I now know what Fiat stands for (FIX IT AGAIN TOMORROW) On a more serious note one of my giant Red Onions has been attacked and ruined by some kind of Grub any suggestions as to what it is would be welcome.This Onion was one of the 3 that were most equal in size so that has ruined my set of 3.
It weighed 2.5 ib so not a bad size. I am away from the garden this weekend in Hartlepool for the Tall Ships Race,ill post some photos later of the Ships or maybe the inside of the Beer Tent.
I will be visiting Simon Smithy this week and am looking forward to that. altough there may not be much to look at if he has anymore disaters!!!

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  1. Probably onion fly maggots....but unusual that it seems to have burst out the side like an Alien! Usually the whole plant collape.

    This may help:

    Doesn't seem to be any recommended chemical cure I can find.